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Gift of Sight

Heard the one about the novelty jumper that changed someone's life forever? It sounds unbelievable, but the same amount of money that buys a forgettable present could save someone's sight and change their future.

See just how much you could give to someone: you'll be doing something amazing and saving the world from horrible knitwear at the same time. You can even choose a paper-free thankyou, for maximum greenie points.

Gift of sight Gift of sight

How it works:

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Your gift helps save someone's sight in the developing world

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Gift of Sight isn't quite perfect yet. We're careful with money and sometimes that means we do website updates in cost-effective batches, so there are a few tweaks still to be made before it all runs smoothly. But we really, really wanted to get something up in time for Christmas!

This means:

We can't yet process multiple orders - we're hoping to have this sorted early in 2014. If you want to buy a Gift of Sight for everyone you know, give us a call on 0800 298 2200 and we'll be more than happy to do a multiple order for you over the phone (you'll just need your credit or debit card handy). Or you can buy one by one from the website, which we know might be a bit frustrating but bear with us, as the end result couldn't be more worth it.

At the moment you can choose to either send your friend or family member an eCard or download and print a certificate (or both, if you're feeling rakish). Gift cards will be available through the website in the future - we'll let you know as soon as they are - but in the meantime, when you order your gifts by phone you can order a gift card with them.

One more thing: in past years we've sold gifts like teatowels and tote bags, but we're not doing that this year. The logistics involved in making, storing and shipping them were getting more expensive, so reducing the amount of your donation we could pass on to the people we support, which is always our bottom line.

Your donation to Gift of Sight will be used to support our work wherever the need is greatest.

That's the boring stuff done with: time to shop!

White canes

gift - White canes

A white cane is more than just a stick – it can mean the difference between a life confined to home and a life full of freedom. A white cane aids mobility, which allows blind adults and children to have much more independence.

This gift could pay for two white canes, making it easier for people to get on with their daily lives.
11-year-old Ahsanullah’s white cane means he can now walk to school with his friends.

£5 Buy Now

Trachoma for 20

gift - Trachoma for 20

Trachoma is a highly contagious infection. Left untreated it can lead to blindness. Globally, 1.2 billion people live in areas where the disease is endemic. Yet trachoma can be treated cheaply and effectively in its early stages with antibiotics.

This gift could provide treatment against trachoma for 20 people, reducing the risk of the disease spreading.
Children in the village community of Kasuleta, Uganda are now protected against the risk of trachoma.

£7 Buy Now

Trichiasis operation

gift - Trichiasis operation

Trichiasis is the advanced stage of the highly contagious eye infection trachoma. It makes your eyelashes grow inwards and scratch your eyeball, causing constant and excruciating pain. If left untreated, trichiasis can lead to permanent blindness. Every 15 minutes someone goes blind from the disease.

This gift could fund a sight saving trichiasis operation, including medical staff and operating equipment. 22-year-old Gloria Karaita no longer has to endure the constant pain of trichiasis.

£8 Buy Now

Braille book

gift - Braille book

Gaining an education can be a way out of poverty, but many blind children miss out on going to school. Being able to read Braille enables blind children to be included in mainstream education, so they can study alongside their sighted classmates.

This gift could provide a blind child with a Braille book and open up a new world of learning to them.
14-year-old Lawrence Momany enjoys his lessons at Kahuru Boys’ High School, Kenya.

£10 Buy Now

Glasses for eight people

gift - Glasses for eight people

A pair of glasses is one of the simplest ways to restore sight, but globally there are 153 million people who are visually impaired due to uncorrected refractive error.

At Sightsavers we don’t accept donations of glasses, because it can be so difficult to match the prescription to someone who needs them. Instead, we fund the local production of high quality glasses, prescribed to each person.

This gift could provide prescription-standard glasses for eight people, making a huge difference to their daily lives.
Since receiving his new glasses, 10-year-old Liakat is enjoying school and wants to become a teacher.

£12 Buy Now

Train a trainer

gift - Train a trainer

Rehabilitation workers help blind people learn how to find their way around their home and village. It’s a vital step in helping people reclaim their independence.

This gift could provide a mobility and orientation training course for a rehabilitation worker, so more people can be helped to live independently and with dignity.
“I decided to work in this area to give hope to people who are blind.” Bakary Coulibaly, rehabilitation worker in Mali

£15 Buy Now

Universal Braille kit

gift - Universal Braille kit

Universal Braille kits contain everything a blind child needs to learn Braille and the basics of arithmetic. Being able to read Braille can enable a child to attend school and learn alongside their sighted classmates - and gaining an education can be a way out of poverty.

This gift could buy a Universal Braille kit for a child, giving them the chance to be included in mainstream education and have a brighter future. Seven-year-old Yogesh is making the most of his Braille kit.

£20 Buy Now

Plastic lenses

gift - Plastic lenses

Treating cataract involves an operation to remove the eye’s cloudy lens, and replace it with an artificial one made from clear plastic. This is a straightforward surgical procedure, and can take as little as 20 minutes.

This gift could buy intraocular lenses for 20 adult cataract operations, giving more people like Aisettou, pictured left, the chance to see again.
Aisettou shrieked with joy when she was given back her sight.

£20 Buy Now

Tackling river blindness

gift - Tackling river blindness

As the name suggests, river blindness is a disease affecting those who live near rivers. Half a million people have already lost their sight to river blindness, and a further 102 million people are at risk. Yet the disease is easily preventable with an annual dose of Mectizan®.

This gift could treat a whole community of up to 400 people against river blindness for a year, so they can stay close to the river they depend on.
Following their treatment, villagers in Hore Felo, Guinea can stay in their riverside homes.

£28 Buy Now

Adult cataract operation

gift - Adult cataract operation

Cataract is the world's leading cause of blindness with around 18 million people blind as a result. Yet straightforward surgery can restore sight to someone who thought they might never see again. It's a truly life-changing operation.

This gift could cover the cost of a cataract operation for an adult, including medical staff, operating equipment, surgical instruments and patient aftercare.
A straightforward cataract operation has restored 72-year-old Jackson Adjei’s independence.

£28 Buy Now

Train a teacher

gift - Train a teacher

In some countries, being disabled more than doubles the chance of a child never enrolling in school. It’s vital that teachers are trained to identify children with sight difficulties, so that they can be referred for treatment and continue to study alongside their sighted classmates.

This gift could send a classroom teacher on a Braille and low vision training course, enabling them to give blind or visually impaired children the support they need.
Since her training course, teacher Mim Jouinsa has helped six of her students receive treatment for cataract and other eye conditions.

£35 Buy Now

Child cataract operation

gift - Child cataract operation

In the developed world, cataract is a problem mostly faced by the elderly, but in poorer countries the condition is also common in children. Surgery can give sight to a child blinded by cataract. Not only will it give them back their childhood, they can also look forward to a much brighter future.

This gift could cover the costs of a cataract operation for a child, including medical staff, operating equipment and surgical instruments, and patient aftercare.
Following her cataract operation, the future’s looking much happier for three-year-old Erina Hossain and her family.

£50 Buy Now

Treat a community against trachoma

gift - Treat a community against trachoma

Trachoma is a bacterial infection that is rife in communities with poor sanitation, where there is little water for people to wash their hands and faces regularly. It is common in children and is easily spread through the discharge from an infected child’s eyes being passed on via hands, clothing or by flies. Because trachoma is highly contagious it is far more effective to treat a whole community in one go than an individual child.

This gift could treat a community of up to 400 people against trachoma for a year, reducing the risk of the disease spreading and re-infecting people.
Children in Kigweri, Uganda are receiving the care and treatment they need.

£140 Buy Now

A year's inclusive education

gift - A year

Every child deserves an education, yet thousands of blind and disabled children in the developing world are missing out. We help ensure they get the support they need to attend school and learn alongside their sighted classmates.

This gift could help a child receive inclusive education for a whole year, including the cost of their travel, specialist teachers, support staff and equipment.
14-year-old Manisha has mastered Braille and enjoys learning alongside her sighted classmates.

£300 Buy Now

Eye screening for a school

gift - Eye screening for a school

Regular eye tests are something we take for granted here in the UK, yet in the developing world people often have to travel many miles to get a diagnosis. It’s crucially important that children get regular screening for conditions such as myopia (short sightedness), hyperobia (far sightedness) and cataract before they affect learning.

This gift could screen a whole school for a range of eye problems and help them receive treatment early, before an eye condition causes them to struggle at school and fall behind their peers.
Students at a school in Kenema, Sierra Leone receive regular screening for eye conditions.

£450 Buy Now
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