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No one should go blind from avoidable causes. How many people's sight will you help us save today?

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In a year, your monthly donation could: provide 24 pairs of glasses to enable children to see more clearly and continue their education.

In a year, your monthly donation could: treat or protect 190 people against painful trachoma.

In a year, your monthly donation could: help pay for five adults to receive life-changing cataract operations

How much would you like to give?

Your donation could: protect 108 families from river blindness

Your donation could: provide 100 people with a course of eye ointment to treat an active trachoma infection

Your donation could: pay for a sight-restoring cataract operation for a child

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Online donations help keep our admin costs down, but we do accept donations by cheque.


Sightsavers Ireland


305 The Capel Building
Mary’s Abbey
Dublin 7
Republic of Ireland

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To help keep our processing costs as low as possible we would prefer you to donate online, however we of course welcome donations by phone.


1800 20 20 20

7 days a week 8am - midnight

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Did you know?

If you're a taxpayer and donate €250 or more to us in one year, Sightsavers can claim back the tax on your donations – meaning your generous support will go even further to save sight and change lives.

This means a donation of €250 would actually be worth €362.32! This extra amount alone could pay for a child cataract surgery, two sight-saving trachoma operations, or medication to protect six entire communities from river blindness for a year. This can be from a one-off gift, monthly donations, or a combination of the two. You can make a life-changing difference without paying an extra cent.

Of course, whatever you can give will help change lives. Thank you.