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No one should go blind from avoidable causes. How many people's sight will you help us save today?

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In a year, your monthly donation could:

pay for a trachiasis operation to restore someone's sight
pay for ointments to treat 75 families with trachoma infections
help pay for six adults to receive life-changing cataract operations
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Your donation could:

protect 85 families from river blindness
provide 125 people with a course of eye ointment to treat an active trachoma infection
pay for a sight-restoring cataract operation for a child

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Online donations help keep our admin costs down, but we do accept donations by cheque.




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To help keep our processing costs as low as possible we would prefer you to donate online, however we of course welcome donations by phone.


1850 60 20 20

7 days a week 8am - midnight

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Did you know?

If you're a taxpayer and donate €250 or more to us in one year, Sightsavers can claim back the tax on your donations – meaning your generous support will go even further to save sight and change lives.

This means a donation of €250 would actually be worth €362.32! This extra amount alone could pay for a child cataract surgery, two sight-saving trachoma operations, or medication to protect six entire communities from river blindness for a year.

This can be from a one-off gift, monthly donations, or a combination of the two. You can make a life-changing difference without paying an extra cent.

Of course, whatever you can give will help change lives. For every €1 we receive, including donated supplies, 91% goes on our charity work and 9% goes on growing awareness and our funding. Thank you.

Card payments

For your security, your bank or credit card provider may need to confirm your identity before your card donation can be processed. If you are directed to a page which says "Your card issuer has requested additional authorisation", please be assured this is normal. Complete the information requested by your bank and we'll receive your gift.